Millie Bobby Brown Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown Leaves Twitter After Being Bullied By Trolls

Millie Bobby Brown, a popular actress on Stranger Things – who I sadly must point out is still just a young teenager, has been bullied off of social media. That’s right, in today’s society, not even children are off limits for internet trolls. It all started with some very stupid memes, that turned hateful, and the actress clearly wanted no part of it.

Here’s an example of what transpired:

So, this started with a fake tweet with no substance (that was apparently considered a joke), and the internet took it and ran with it as factual:

So there you have it. Some feel that it’s okay to make a 14 year old kid feel bad enough to deactivate their Twitter account. If you feel that way, be sure to open up a Twitter account soon, as bullying kids and others to the point of actually killing themselves seems to be the norm on there.

A representative for Millie Bobby Brown has yet to comment.

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