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3 From Hell Rob Zombie

New Image From Rob Zombie’s ‘3 From Hell’ Reveals Plot Detail

Rob Zombie is a well-known musician turned screenwriter/producer, who took the horror industry by storm with House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects. His newest installment is about The Firefly Family in 3 From Hell, which continues after the fatal (or seemed to be) shootout at the end of The Devils Rejects. In a recent Instagram post, Zombie gives us another look at what we can expect to see.

3 From Hell’s filming has ended, leaving only the editing left before it makes its way to our screens. It is said that the film will follow the three main antagonists from the other films and their actors will be reprising those roles. Captain Spaulding played by Side Haig, Otis Firefly played by Bill Moseley and Baby Firefly played by Zombies wife, Sheri Moon Zombie are all set to take us into the land of serial murderers again.

The Instagram post that was recently placed up on Zombies account shows Baby being escorted by the correctional officers/police as she sports a free Baby t-shirt. Even the still image reminds me of that creepy laugh that sets off her enjoyment when harming other people.

Although the image doesn’t reveal too much to us, we do see the bullet holes that would give us the idea that they didn’t come out of the shootout unscathed and the caption amongst the photo reveals that she isn’t any less rage filled than the past films.

“Another Three From Hell exclusive! Baby is removed from court after yet another violent outburst. I think her t-shirt sums up her feelings on the subject”

We can’t expect to see this film until 2019 and there isn’t too much information being passed around about the plot or how exactly the three were able to escape the barrage of bullets being shot in their direction – but we have been warned that we will be stunned.

Bill Mosely, aka Otis, took to his Facebook to give us his update and feelings towards the film filming coming to a close.

There is no current release date but stay tuned to ScreenGeek for all your 3 From Hell updates!

Are you interested in seeing this film? How do you think they were able to survive the shootout? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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