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Godzilla Fan Shows Off Incredibly Epic Mechagodzilla Cosplay

Once in a while, as you’re trawling away through your social media feed, you stumble across a cosplay that utterly knocks your socks off. Whether it’s a whole family cosplaying as Ant-Man (one of our absolute favorites), or a five year old kid dressed up as Logan (again, another personal favorite…), you find something so on-point you can’t help but stop what you’re doing and marvel. And now it’s time to add an absolutely mind-blowing Mechagodzilla suit to your list.

The great thing about cosplay is that the end result will nearly always end up being cool. Whether the work is deliberately skewed away from the original source material, or completely faithful to it. Whether it’s a million miles off where the designer had been aiming for when they first sat down with pen and paper, or exactly what they wanted. Whether their costume is simplicity itself, or a technological marvel. This one definitely fits into the latter category.

Last month Twitter user @DkunDX, an obvious Godzilla fan, attended an unknown convention, and posted an image of a simply amazing Mechagodzilla suit they had encountered. Said costume stands at roughly twice the size of the average person. It also boasts fully articulated metallic joints, as well as an internal power source that lights up the suit’s working parts. In short, it’s simply EPIC.

Whilst we don’t know the name of the performer, or the scale of time and effort they put into producing this wonder, we can still share pictures of it and admire the end result. Originally introduced back in the 1970’s as a relatively comedic villain for Godzilla to fight, the character has steadily raised its profile over time, and is now one of the most recognizable elements of the franchise.

Mechagodzilla was originally intended to be used as the vanguard of an invading extraterrestrial army, but that backstory wisely retconned to him having been engineered as humanity’s last hope against their marauding atomic enemy. He most recently featured in the new anime Godzilla movies which Netflix have helped to produce, and also received a starring role in this year’s Ready Player One.

Let’s us know what you think of this amazing creation below, and feel free to share any other epic cosplays you come across online with us too!

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