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Jurassic Park Alternate Ending

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‘Jurassic Park’ Almost Went With A Much Different Ending

Jurassic Park is a sci-fi classic that is just as loved today as it was upon it’s release in 1993. Now there are 5 movies in the franchise, the most recent release being Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom which was released on June 22nd. However, this new release is not the only Jurassic material to be in the spotlight right now. An alternate ending to the first movie has been released in the form of storyboards – and it’s quite different from the Steven Spielberg version we are familiar with.

The storyboards that were posted to the Jurassic Time Facebook page. The storyboards depict Grant and the kids escaping in a Jeep before continuing on foot as a fallen tree blocks their path. The T-rex is coming after them all when they make it to the helicopter, but once they are in the sky the T-rex nearly takes them all out by biting a chunk off of the helicopter. Of course, they narrowly escape and fly away to safety.

These storyboards were brought to light after being sold at auction as part of a binder containing Phil Tippett’s old storyboards. Phil Tippett was the supervisor of the go-motion dinosaurs in Jurassic Park before the switch to CG was made. Universal Pictures has since verified the authenticity of the pictures. The boards were won as part of an official Phil Tippett auction.

It certainly is interesting to see what could have been, and the alternative version is certainly more action-packed than the ending we all know and love. However, I definitely think the calmer version that made it into the movie was the right choice. The helicopter flying them away from all the dangers they have faced provides a perfect opportunity to breathe after all of the action and attacks beforehand.

What do you think of the ending? Do you think this version would have been better? Be sure to tell us in the comments! 

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