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Batman: Hush

‘Batman: Hush’ Is Finally Getting An Animated Movie Adaptation

Batman fans are finally getting their first media portrayal of the demented Hush story line, in the form of a DC animated film. During the 2019 slate shared by DC yesterday at San Diego Comic Con, it was revealed several films under production alongside their previously announced Death of Superman title: the spring release of Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, an unknown production titled Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, and a summer release of Batman: Hush.

Originating from Batman #608, the 12-part comic series debut in 2002 by legendary writer Jeph Loeb that followed the story of Bruce Wayne’s old friend Thomas Elliot, a mirror of Bruce with rich parents that actually wanted them killed to inherit their fortune. When Bruce’s father saves them, his vendetta on the Waynes brings him to a spiral of hatred and eventually becomes the master surgeon that can disguise any skin, Hush.

Alongside the iconic comic villain, many members of the Dark Knight’s rogue gallery will be present, with a focused storyline on the romantic ties of Batman and Catwoman included and a foreshadowing of Red Hood.

However, this isnt the first we heard of this. Back in Canada’s Fan Expo 2016, Kevin Conroy did hint of the film when him and Hamill spoke of the future of their roles. Judging from our exclusive report on their exchange, we can only assume him and Hamill will be returning to the respective roles. Perhaps taking Hamill’s lead, we’ll be hearing of A Death In The Family next.

Batman: Hush comes out next Summer.

Are you excited for this news? Will you be watching the movie? Tell us all of your thoughts on it in the comments down below!

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