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Uncanny X-Men

Marvel Officially Announces ‘Uncanny X-Men’

For fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this year’s San Diego Comic Con turned out to be something of a disappointment. As DC absolutely flooded social media with trailers for Aquaman, Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984, there were no promotional releases whatsoever for Captain Marvel or Avengers 4. In fact there was nothing MCU-related on show at all this year, leaving the company to instead promote its written publications, including the return of the Uncanny X-Men series.

The Uncanny X-Men imprint is actually the original storyline for the famous mutant super-team, but has always been more commonly known across the industry as merely ‘X-Men’. It’s been running on and off since way back in 1963, but was dropped back in 2016 in the wake of the ResurrXion event. That story saw the return of he original 1960’s X-Men team to the 616 Universe, and the creation of a series of new X-Teams to replace the overall Uncanny X-Men imprint.

Well, after 18 months and 36 issues, Marvel have chosen to end the current X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold publications, and return to having one core X-Men team to work with as of September. The company are keeping tight-lipped though on what is going to happen to the time-displaced mutants that caused the move around in the first place, or which iconic founding member will be leading the team this time round.

As with most of the X-teams, the Uncanny X-Men have had a rolling roster of members and leaders. Their operating style has varied depending on who it was at the helm, but the overall goal and aim of the team has been to safeguard be existence of the mutant community, and to preserve the dreams of Charles Xavier. This has often bought them into direct conflict with both Magneto’s Brotherhood Of Mutants, and also the covert X-Force who have less qualms about using extreme measures to further the mutant cause.

With two new X-Men movies scheduled for release next year (Dark Phoenix and the New Mutants), and the door opened to an inclusion in the MCU with the recent Fox/Disney deal, there’s a real opportunity here for Marvel to inject some life into the  X-Franchise as a whole. As further announcements about the series come wit light, we’ll be sure to bring them straight to you.

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