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Wolverine Return Of Wolverine Marvel Comics


Wolverine’s New “Hot Claws” Revealed In ‘Return of Wolverine’ Preview

Wolverine is making his return to Marvel Comics, alongside the theatrical character who will be coming into the Marvel Cinematic Universe now that Disney’s acquisition of FOX is a forgone conclusion. It was reported back in June that Wolverine’s claws would be getting a change, in that they’ll be “hot claws” now – making the character even more lethal.

We now have our first look at those claws though, below:

Comic writer Charles Soule spoke about the hot claws, saying:

“It’s been fun to see the reaction of the fans to that idea – that Logan’s claws might, under certain circumstances, get incredibly hot, a la metal on a blacksmith’s forge. Some people can’t wait to see how they come into the story, and others think it’s the dumbest idea ever (which I get). I mean, Logan’s claws can already cut through anything… why do they need to do this too? I guess we’ll all find out together.”

The Return of Wolverine #1 hits shelves on September 19th.

What do you think of Wolverine’s new claws? Are you excited for the change? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments down below!

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