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Loki Bruce Banner Avengers: Infinity War

More Proof Revealed To Debunk Crazy ‘Loki Is Bruce Banner’ Theory

Ever since its release back at the end of April, Avengers: Infinity War has lended itself to thousands of MCU fan theories, some of which make sense, some that jump to conclusions without actual thought, and many that are just down right crazy. Back in May, journalist Josh Dickey postulated that Loki didn’t die by Thanos’ hands (as was witnessed in the film), but rather used a magic double to trick Thanos and then disguised himself as the Hulk who was sent to Earth. Remember when I said that many of these theories were crazy? But, now, four months later, a user on Reddit has debunked the theory. The only problem is… we debunked this theory back in May!

What I will say for the new debunking on Reddit is that they brought up yet another point that helps solidify the debunking of the insane theory.

“While in Wakanda, a little bit before Cull Obsidian died, he said something around the lines of ‘Hulk got beat the crap out of with this thing!’ He was talking about the HulkBuster suit and I don’t recall Loki seeing the HulkBuster beat up Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

This is a point that we didn’t cover in our previous article (among the many points we did use to debunk that initial theory). And it is a perfect point. Loki has never encountered the HulkBuster armor, nor would he have any knowledge of it. Speaking of knowledge, Loki would also have no idea about the, for lack of a better term, relationship between Black Widow and Banner. That happened while he was off planet as well. So, that moment between the two of them when the were reunited at Avengers HQ wouldn’t have happened, either.

Avengers: Infinity War Loki Bruce Banner

All in all, we here at ScreenGeek are happy to see others see the light and use common sense, rather than stoking the fires of insanity and giving fans false hope. And, we will continue to scour through all these fan theories with a fine tooth comb, and either give you proof of its possibility or debunk them for their ignorance.

What do you think of this new evidence against this popular theory? Did you believe this theory? Have any theories of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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