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‘Luke Cage’ Star Mike Colter Under Fire For Ariana Grande Joke

Luke Cage has been one of Marvel’s most successful TV series, and they have star Mike Colter to thank for it. With the first two seasons of the show, Colter delivered a strong lead performance as Cage, making the character stand out during its cinematic debut. Colter may be known for his strong acting ability, but it appears that many may take issue with his personality. In response to the Ariana Grande groping incident, Colter posted and since deleted a tweet joking about the incident.

Some reaction:

Whether you think the joke is funny or not, it probably wasn’t the best career move for Colter to post this tweet. It still surprises me how often celebrities get caught in Twitter controversy, as social media is very much reflecting of their respective brands. All it takes is for one dumb Tweet and a celebrity could be out of their job (as we’ve seen with Roseanne Barr).

At the same time, I am not sure this tweet in particular warrants the massive pushback its received. In no way is Colter condoning the actions of the priest, and even if you don’t think the joke is funny, its not the most offensive thing I’ve ever heard. Social media over the last year or so has become very volatile, especially towards celebrity. I certainly think that level of anger is warranted often times, but this to me feels like a case of social media and media in general widely overreacting to a fairly minor comment.

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