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Marvel Falcon Winter Soldier

Marvel Planning Falcon & Winter Soldier Series For Disney’s Streaming Service

It looks like Disney has plans to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a major way, as it’s just been revealed that Falcon and Winter Soldier will have their own limited series on the the company’s upcoming streaming service. The move comes after it was announced that Loki and Scarlet Witch would both be getting their own solo shows as well.

Variety reports:

Marvel heroes Falcon and Winter Soldier are teaming up for a potential limited series at the Disney streaming service.

Variety has learned exclusively that Malcolm Spellman has been tapped to write a series featuring the two superheroes, which is currently in development at the streamer. It is the first of the proposed Marvel limited series to find a writer.

The report also adds:

Unlike other Marvel shows like “Daredevil” and “The Punisher,” the series on the Disney streaming service will be produced by Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige, who has headed up the MCU for years. The shows are also expected to have large budgets compared to other television projects.

It’s some interesting and welcome news, as some of the characters who are getting solo shows don’t always have the most screentime in the Marvel movies, so this will be a way to expand on them. It does make you wonder what will happen with the Netflix shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but all in all, this shows us that the MCU is going to get even deeper than it was before – and Disney is already becoming a major player in the world of streaming platforms.

We’ll be sure to update you with the latest on everything MCU as we get it.

What do you think of this Marvel news? Are you excited for the Falcon and Winter Soldier series? Will you be getting the Disney streaming service? Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comments below!

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