Why ScreenGeek Is Forever Thankful For Marvel’s Stan Lee

The day has come that many Marvel and MCU fans knew would happen but would not accept. Stanley Martin Lieber or better known as Stan Lee has left this reality. In the wake of his death, Stan Lee created universe through comic books that have shaped the pop culture world and influences countless people in countless ways. The news of his death hit everyone here at ScreenGeek and we decided to show our respect by sharing our favorite Stan Lee cameos in film, television, and other media. We also would like to share the moment our love for Marvel blossom to hardcore fans that we are know for. Excelsior!

The Incredible Hulk Series (1978)

the incredible hulk series

There’s always something to love about a certain installment in the MCU or from their TV shows. Marvel’s splash in the live action and animated market goes back into the 70s and have been going on to this day. Many fans are still discovering the magic and amazement that Marvel has to offer and can make anyone an instant fan. I myself can remember the day I fell love with Marvel and more importantly, one of the many creations by the man that was bigger than life, Stan Lee.

As a child, I always found myself gravitating towards Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk. The complexity of the troubled scientist was fascinating to me. A genius plagued with anger issues, low self-esteem, and wanting to be left alone to figure how to fix himself was something that hit me to the core at a young age. So, of course, I was an instant fan of the 1978 television series based on the character starring Bill Bixby.

The show’s lifespan had long passed by the time it hit the Sci-Fi Channel, but I still watched every single one of the reruns. It wasn’t until a single moment while watching the made for TV movie, ‘The Death of The Incredible Hulk’, that cemented my undying love for Marvel. I won’t spoil it, but I will say by the time the credits had rolled, I realized that my brother and mother were watching the same program at the same time as me. We all met in the living room completely shocked at what happened before our eyes.

Marvel has been known to divide its fans but more importantly, bring them together. Stan Lee’s death has brought fans and nonfans alike together to pay their respect to the fallen legend and to show their love for this pop culture juggernaut that will be a part of history until the end of time. – Mark Salcido

Mallrats (1995)

Stan Lee Mallrats

One of Stan Lee’s greatest cameos may not have even taken place inside a Marvel superhero film. While we’re all familiar with seeing “The Man” pop up somewhere in an X-Men flick, being a spectator to the Wall Crawler, or watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe unfold from every angle. Yet, one of his best cameos comes from a film where the closest thing to a superhero is a loudmouthed stoner and his chubby sidekick in an overcoat.

Of course, I’m talking about Mallrats, where the legend himself helps Brody (Jason Lee) realize he needs to win his girlfriend back.

Written by extreme comic book lover, Kevin Smith, Mallrats is a cult classic 90’s flick, and it gave Stan one of his longest and most poignant cameos ever. Using Brody’s love for his Marvel creations, Lee convinces him to not give up on love for the sake of superheroes. With characters like Dr. Doom and the Incredible Hulk as metaphors for the regret of letting “the one” slip away, Stan spins a tale that motivates Brody to do whatever it takes to win back his girl (all at the behest of Brody’s best friend).

It’s a rather moving cameo. One that teaches us all that love is the greatest thing on Earth, and one that will always be at the top of his absolute best appearances. – Vincent Hoover

Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man

The first time I fell in love with Marvel was when I saw Iron Man. Until that point, I had only seen the animated Spider-Man series as a kid, though I really didn’t know what whole universe it was connected to and what I was missing out on. I loved his quick wit and how much he cared about people, putting himself in danger to save people.

Once I saw Iron Man, I saw a similar type of character, though he was deeply flawed and very selfish. For adult me, he was more relatable, and I was sucked into that world. Ever since then, I can’t help but watch everything Marvel puts out on film. I see these characters as people and gain some comfort in knowing they are flawed and still pick themselves up. – Kelsey Mejiarodarte

The Princess Diaries 2 (2004)

Stan Lee The Princess Diaries 2

While many will think of Stan “The Man” Lee when it comes to comic book films, everyone seems to forget his obscure cameo in the Disney romantic comedy sequel, The Princess Diaries 2. Now no means speaking of the lackluster quality of the film, but the odd and brief appearance consists of Stan Lee doing quite a bit at once. Speaking in Spanish accents, vocally projecting The Three Stooges, and making weird pick-ups with Julie Andrews herself.

All were there in 20 seconds and that left us scratching our collective heads over the bizarre cameo. Not to mention, this was placed in a Disney film before the merger with Marvel years later. Foreshadowing perhaps. I’ll let you decide. – Martin Lis Lisowski

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)

Stan Lee Ultimate Alliance 2

When it comes to Stan Lee cameos in Marvel Movies, it’s honestly hard to pick just one. People often forget that the late Marvel Legend’s cameos didn’t stop on the big screen. Stan “The Man” Lee also made some appearances in various Marvel-related video games including the fan favorite Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2. The game adapted the well-known comic book arc ‘Civil War’ which saw the heroes choosing sides over the decisive Superhero Registration Act.

One mission saw the player protecting Lee’s character Senator Lieber from Titanium Man in Washington DC. Lieber—which is Lee’s birth name—is very much like his real-life counterpart. With his constituents being called ‘True Believers’ and ‘Excelsior!’, which were known to be Lee’s signature catchphrases. Believing the Superhero Registration Act to be a mistake, Lieber offers his support to the heroes and makes it his mission to have it repealed.

This is something I always wanted to see incorporated into the live action MCU. Lee playing an actual character for a change who would have such support from the superhero community, that his death could be the event that brings our heroes back together; much like he did all those years ago. – James Hadden

X-Men: The Animated Series (1992)

x men the animated series

Being born in 1982 made me the perfect age to fall in love with the X-Men Animated Series. Airing from 1992-1997, it introduced me to a plethora of fascinating characters. (My personal favorites include Cable, Apocalypse, and Colossus.) Their superpowers ignited my imagination in a way nothing else had up to that point. However, although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was also learning some very important life lessons.

Stan Lee had created something that was entirely new—at least to me—flawed heroes and sympathetic villains. So many stories, especially those geared toward kids, are very black-and-white in that way. Protagonists are 100% good and noble, while antagonists are 100% bad. Lee explored the gray area while handling mature lessons that we’ve all been through and things that have made us who we are. The villains often genuinely believe themselves to be the good guy doing the right thing and that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

This was done in a way that kids could not only understand but relate to as well.

Kids my age learned a great deal about friendship, jealousy, anxiety, bullying, discrimination, and other heavy subjects while watching Saturday morning cartoons. We weren’t the first generation to glean those lessons from Lee’s brilliant characters, nor were we the last. God willing, a hundred years from now, we’ll still be learning from a bunch of mutants how to be more human. – Jennifer Huneycutt

Teen Titan’s Go! to The Movies (2018)

Stan Lee Teen Titans Go

Stan Lee was always a fixture in the MCU and even some on the Netflix shows in one form or another. The very thought of Marvel comes to the idea of a web-slinger, mutants, and the comic book writer’s signature look. Yet, Lee wasn’t afraid to jump into other well know properties besides Marvel. Surprisingly, one of the property’s was Marvel’s long-time rival company DC Comics.

Sure, I could’ve picked a whole universe of cameos of Stan Lee but the one that became my favorite—because of the level of silliness and its meta-commentary—was from 2018’s Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Stan Lee was always a guy that enjoys a good laugh whether he was dishing it out or being the brunt of someone’s joke. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies played up on that idea and had Lee play himself making an unnecessary cameo in the animated film.

The dude broke the fourth wall in the movie and professed his love of doing cameos. Even at his old age, Stan Lee knew how to have a good time and loved doing it. – Mark Salcido

Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994)

Spider man the animated series

The first time I truly remember falling in love with Marvel was during the nineties while watching Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Although I enjoyed it for the wall-crawler himself, it was the character crossovers that really appealed to me. One of my earliest memories of the series was the episode which saw Peter Parker, aka your favorite neighborhood Spider-Man, team up with Blade to track down Morbius the Living Vampire.

Further Crossovers would later cement my love for the universe, with appearances from Doctor Strange, The Punisher, and Captain America having a similar effect on my young mind. It was here that I started to see the characters as being part of a much bigger world. A world that I wanted to explore every corner of and in the years since it’s safe to say I will and truly have! – James Hadden

Cal Dodd Wolverine X-Men: The Animated Series

Ever since first seeing the Spider-Man/X-Men Animated Series’ in the early 90’s, I was hooked. Being a comic book nerd has shaped who I and many others are as a person today. I now get the pleasure of showing my son all of these awesome Marvel characters that I grew up with, and that wouldn’t have happened without Stan Lee.

His impact on me and many others won’t ever be forgotten, and even if you’re not a fan of comics – I’m sure you can appreciate what the man did. He lived an amazing life and one that we won’t ever stop honoring.

You’re forever the man, Stan. Frank Palmer

Do you have a favorite Stan Lee cameo or remember when you become a Marvel fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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