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The Possession of Hannah Grace

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Critics And Audiences Both Really Hated ‘The Possession Of Hannah Grace’

The Possession of Hannah Grace was said to be the next great exorcism movie, and horror fans were definitely excited (from what I can gather) but it turns out that it wasn’t the next great exorcism movie. It wasn’t even close, and if you’re going off of what critics and fans both have said – it could very well be one of the worst horror films in recent memory.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film currently holds an 11% – with 36 “rotten” reviews, and 4 “fresh” ones. The consensus reads:

The Possession of Hannah Grace feints at real horror just often enough to offer hints of the movie it should have been — and further frustrate viewers seeking a good scare.

Some of the notable reviews:

Tribune News Service: There are a few jumps and bumps, but there’s no real sense of dread, unease or questioning. We simply watch the events unfold with a full understanding of what’s going on.

AV Club: Most of the movie’s creepy overtures are bluntly obvious-menacing thumps, rather than barely perceptible twitches.

The Wrap: A dreary horror thriller, without any of those pesky thrills.

Hollywood Reporter: Hannah Grace never overcomes the compendium of clichés in Brian Sieve’s screenplay, which resembles a greatest hits of demonic possession films. Hannah Graceis barely 85 minutes, with an ending so abrupt that you’ll wonder whether you’ve missed something. (Spoiler alert: you haven’t.)

And over on IMDb, things aren’t much better in the user comments section:

  • This movie is trash!! Don’t waste your time or money.. it’s only an 1 hour and 25 min and I contemplated walking out 3 times.
  • The Possession of Hannah Grace is horrible. A Cliche, boring, poorly written, predictable, and laughably bad film. Everyone was laughing during the scenes they try to scare you with, and I was just sighing.
  • It was like watching Golem crawling around looking for his damn precious…. I see why they didn’t allow critics to screen it before release. Bad CGI and timid “cut scene” deaths. It’s Absolutely awful. Save Your money and your brain cells.
  • The dialogue is so bad and the characters are shallow.. really bad cgi just a mess movie
  • Literally don’t know where to start… it’s not worth the write.
  • Complete waste of time. Can’t believe this took up space on a screen near me. Amateur looking production value, not scary, actors with little screen charisma working with a generic and poorly written script. Avoid
  • Your typical no plot slasher movie. Victims line up and in standard order wait to be killed. Flagrant hint early in the movie gives away how bad girl dies. Heard others in the audience snoring.
  • Dont waste your money on this movie. Awful acting from the actress and actors. Bad storyline and the demon was way too weak hahahahha. Most of the scene were way too fake as well. The only good point that i can think of regarding this movie is the beauty of Shay Mitchell.

And we have the response on Twitter as well:

So there you have it. We’d keep this going, but you get the point.

While the reviews aren’t quite as bad as the ones for Slender Man were earlier this year, they’re really not that far off. Then again, there are some positive reviews, so who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy this one.

The Possession of Hannah Grace is currently playing in theaters.

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