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Fans And Critics Really Hate The New ‘Slender Man’ Movie

If you’re a horror fan, then the upcoming Slender Man movie was most definitely on your list of movies to check out. The story inspired by the cult internet character is interesting enough, so the movie should at least be the same, right? Wrong – according to the internet’s early reactions.

The film currently sits at 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the majority of the reviews calling it nothing short of awful. Here are some of the harshest ones:

AV ClubIt turns its boogeyman into a generic figure of menace who doesn’t feel ready for his moment in the horror movie spotlight.

IndieWireA tasteless and inedibly undercooked serving of the internet’s stalest Creepypasta, “Slender Man” aspires to be for the YouTube era what “The Ring” was to the last gasps of the VHS generation.

CBRSlender Man doesn’t manage to mine much more than cheap scares with confusing rules from the character’s myriad source material…it may not be the most well rendered horror movie of the year, or the most compelling, but you could certainly do worse.

New York TimesThe most perfunctory horror picture I’ve seen in some time.

Film PulseThere’s no fun in this dour exercise and scares are non-existent as the film haphazardly assembles various tropes and repetitive nightmare imagery into 90 minutes of weariness.

RogerEbert.comSporadically, one can see the movie that Slender Man could have been, but it disappears like the title character’s victims.

Some of the user reviews on IMDb are pretty bad, too – and it currently has a 3.6 out of 10 on the site. Here are some of the user summaries:

  • Cringer Man… worst I’ve seen in a while
  • Worse than the Bye Bye Man
  • Better than the bye bye man
  • Awful.
  • Bland

Slender Man Trailer

And we’ll balance things out with what Twitter is saying:

Slender Man is currently playing in theaters everywhere. See it – if you dare. Unless you’re in Milwaukee, where theaters have banned the movie from being shown.

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