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NASA Offers Advice For Saving Tony Stark After ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer Release

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a fictional universe, separate from our own reality, where superheroes of immense power, cosmic beings, and technology beyond our widest dreams exists as normal, everyday occurrences. In our reality, there is no such thing a magic, people don’t have super powers, aliens don’t exist (that we know of…), and nanotechnology is only in its infancy stages. So, in turn, we use this fictional universe of the MCU in these movies as a form of escapism, a departure from our mundane existence into a realm of fantastical possibilities. However, from time to time, this fictional universe breaks the 4th wall a bit, and creates a “meta” moments. And, thanks to the record breaking trailer for the newly titled Avengers: Endgame and the government space division, NASA, we just got one of those moments.

For the person who is living under a rock and didn’t see the trailer, it opens with a desolate Tony Stark recording a final message to his love, Pepper Potts, as he is stranded out in space. It seems like there is zero chance of rescue. This is where NASA comes in. Over on Twitter, NASA, not one to pass up a good chance at a laugh, offered up some advice as to how Stark could be rescued. And, not one to miss a thing, some fans noticed a name tag of “THOR” with a mini Mjolnir next to it, which NASA responded in kind.

NASA understands the impact the MCU has on fans and its immense popularity. They even named a new constellation after the Hulk. So, it’s no surprise, but with much enjoyment, that NASA has offered some advice to retrieving Iron Man from space.

What do you think of NASA’s message? Let us know in the comments below!

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