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‘Let Me In’ Disturbing Deleted Scene Shows When Abby Turned Into A Vampire

Let Me In is a remake based on one of the more memorable vampire films of our generation. In a time period flooded with either Twilight-inspired romances or direct-to-video sequels to The Lost Boys and 30 Days of Night, Let The Right One In and its remake were something a little more unique.

The movies follow two young children, a 12-year-old boy named Owen and a girl he befriends named Abby. Owen happens to be a bullied student and Abby a much older vampire, and the duo begin to fall in love with each other.

In this deleted scene that was recently brought to our attention, you can see there was once a lot more depth with the film than intended. In fact, the scene happens to be extremely intense and should’ve probably been left in the film. It shows Abby being transformed into a vampire, a desolate creature of the night, and would’ve added a layer of character development which could really have enhanced the movie’s story.

While the scene wasn’t included in the finished cut, we should still be happy that Let The Right One In and the novel they’re both based on exist. After viewing all three works, it really does paint a better view of Abby, Owen, their relationship and how it all falls together beneath the symbolisms of vampirism and death.

It’s unfortunate Hollywood tends to leave these things on the cutting room floor, but at least we can enjoy the footage as is.

How do you feel about the deleted scene? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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