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‘Captain Marvel’ Has Two Post-Credits Scenes – And They’ve Been Revealed

The reviews for Captain Marvel are starting to come in and the social media embargo has been lifted. So, now we’re getting some insight into the 90’s set Marvel Cinematic Universe film. One of the questions many fans were asking (but already correctly assumed the right answer) has been if movie would have any after credit scenes. As it turns out, there will be two. It seems that, in typical MCU fashion, we will get one important scene that helps sets up what to come next, and another, usually sillier scene that may or may not have some significance to anything relevant. Like I said, typical MCU. So, in case you’re interested, and are OK with some spoilers, here’s a quick breakdown of the post-credit scenes.


Now, this is only from one site, We Got This Covered, as all the others have stayed to secrecy. So, we will have to take this all with a grain of salt, but it seems on the up and up, so here we go!

The mid credits scene sets up for Avengers: Endgame. The scene includes Captain America and Black Widow back at the Avengers base with Nick Fury’s cosmic pager. As they try to figure out what it all means, Captain Marvel appears and asks where Fury is. Now, it seems a little strange that not only did Cap and Widow find the pager, but they realized it was Fury’s and brought it back to Avengers HQ. Why would they go to New York after the snap? Did they know where Fury would be? That seems a little odd. But, this scene could be similar to the Ant-Man mid credits scene of Falcon and Cap with a captured Winter Soldier. This turned out to be a scene right out of the movie, Civil War. So, while we have some questions, this could be a scene straight from Endgame, and it will have more context as the film plays out.

The post credits scene is a funny one of Goose coughing up the Cosmic Cube (Tesseract) like a hair ball. While this seems like a cute scene, there is more here than just some laughs. There have been rumors of Goose being more than just a cat, as in the comics he’s actually from an alien race who just looks like cats. Now, this scene seems to verify that he is actually a Flerken, who, among other abilities, have a pocket dimension in their mouthes. This explains how and where it keeps the Tesseract without burning up to death.

Again, we should take these with a grain of salt until we get some concrete confirmations, but everything seems legit thus far. These post credit scenes are exactly what are necessary for this movie, moving into the MCU’s Phase 3 Finale. A nice tease of what’s to come, without giving too much away. Go see these for yourself in March of 2019 when Captain Marvel hits theaters!

What do you think of these post credit scenes? Are they what you expected? Let us know in the comments below!

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