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Stephen King Writing ‘Lisey’s Story’ TV Adaptation With Star Julianne Moore

Stephen King already enjoyed a career as a literary giant, but his content is now enjoying a second life on the big and small screen. While not all of these adaptations are hits (sorry The Dark Tower), films like It and Pet Sematary have been solid and fateful adaptations that have done King justice. King adaptations have also been frequently appearing on the small screen, with Netflix titles like Gerald’s Game and 1922 also succeeding at capturing the spirit of his work. With all that success, its no surprise that yet another King adaptation is on the way, this time written from King himself in Lisey’s Story.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Apple will be producing a Lisey’s Story adaptation on the small screen, with Julianne Moore announced to star in the series. The limited series is set to be an eight-episode run. Before delving into more detail, check out the synopsis for this King story.

The series is described as a deeply personal thriller that follows Lisey (Moore) two years following the death of her husband.

This is an exciting announcement, especially for Apple as they continue to develop the identity for their streaming service. With so many different streaming services, Apple has relied on working with big names like King and Steven Speilberg to give their service clout, which is inherently a good idea. This series has instant promise with the presence of Moore, who continues to be one of the standout actresses in the industry.

Considering all the big names involved, don’t be surprised if this ranks among King’s best adaptations.

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