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One Big ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Theory Was Just Confirmed

Avengers: Endgame probably holds the world record for most significant characters in one film. So many characters from the past made appearances, like Howard the Duck, Kraglin, the Bartons, and Harley Keener, as well as all the returning characters we lost in the snap. There is one character that returned, first coming back in Infinity War, that had many fans craving a certain interaction between one of the original Avengers and him. Now, we get a glimpse into said interaction, even though we’ll never actually get to see it.

The Red Skull has become the Guide to the Soul Stone on Vormir. And, with Captain America traveling through time to return the Infinity Stones to their proper places in the timeline, they were bond to cross paths, right? According to the Russos, while speaking with ReelBlend, this definitely happened.

Joe Russo: He would have to encounter Red Skull. And nobody knows what the rules are when you return the Soul Stone.

Anthony Russo: Nobody knows. But knowing Red Skull, he probably has a no-money-back policy.

The “no-money-back policy” refers to the sacrifice Black Widow made. Returning the stone would not bring her back, further cementing that her death is indeed permanent. While we all would have loved to have seen the interaction between the two, this Red Skull isn’t the same one that tried to conquer the world back during WWII. He may not even have full recollection of that life, and his knowledge of people comes from a different place, a place of universal connection with the stones.

Regardless, the conversation between the two may have been interesting to see, but we will never know now.

Would you want to see Cap going to Vormir? Be sure to let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below!

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