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‘Sandman’ Series From Neil Gaiman Coming To Netflix

There are few comic books that gain huge cult followings that are outside the big publishers, Marvel, DC, and Image. But, in the 90’s, there was a smaller publisher named Vertigo that produced a grand work from fan favorite author, Neil Gaiman. Sandman ran for 72 issues, and is considered one of the best works outside of the big 3 (DC went on to purchased Vertigo, before shutting down that publisher this year). Now, it looks like we are finally going to get a live action adaptation, in the form of a streaming series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has pinned what is said to be a very lucrative deal to bring Sandman to their streaming service after a 3 year failed attempt at the big screen film from New Line Cinema. Joseph Gordon Levitt was set to star and direct the film, but left the project siting creative differences with the studio.

Neil Gaiman has had some bad luck when it comes to his properties being adapted to film, but his recent run at the TV format with shows like American Gods and Good Omens have really knocked it out of the park. Now, with the success Netflix has had with their original content, and Neil Gaiman being hands on, this is sure to treat the story and characters properly and really excite fans.

No other information is yet on the project, as the deal just happened, but considering the people behind it (along with Gaiman, you have David Goyer producing and Allen Heinberg set to write and be showrunner), confidence is high that we will get the Sandman fans deserve.

Are you excited for a Sandman series on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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