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The Walking Dead Movie

First Teaser For ‘The Walking Dead’ Movie Released; Film To Get Theatrical Release

The Walking Dead is more than obviously a gigantic television hit and one of the best takes on the zombie apocalypse troupes in all of storytelling. The show, however has taken a slight dive after stalwart Rick Grimes left the show. Actor Andrew Lincoln was seemingly done with the show, and that’s partially right. But, he’s not done with the story. As it turns out, he’s coming back as Grimes for The Walking Dead movie, and it’s two sequels!

And now, thanks to their panel at San Diego Comic-Con, we’ve got our first teaser trailer!

While fans were aware of the trilogy of films, many believed they would be made-for-tv films to be aired on AMC, the show’s home for so many years. But now we have found out that these will be theatrical releases, bringing a big screen feel to the franchise! So, instead of watching from the comfort of your home, prepare to be terrified amongst your fellow fans at a theater near you! And, of course, Rick’s back!

“The story of Rick will go on in films,” showrunner Scott M. Gimple said previously. “Right now, we’re working on three but there’s flexibility in that. … Over the next several years, we’re going to be doing specials, new series are quite a possibility, high-quality digital content and then some content that defies description at the moment. We’re going to dig into the past and see old characters. We’re going to introduce new characters and new situations.”

No date for the film’s release is set as of yet, but hopefully fans won’t have too long to see the next grand adventure for everyone’s favorite zombie killer. So, buckle in for what should be a bloody ride!

How excited are you for 3 The Walking Dead films?! Let us know in the comments below!

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