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The Fanatic John Travolta

Fred Durst’s ‘The Fanatic’ Trailer Has John Travolta Imitating Jason Voorhees

Every so often there’s a film project that comes along with such interesting people involved, it’s hard not to be fascinated. The Fanatic is one such project. The film stars John Travolta as a fan-obsessed stalker named Moose. Even crazier, the movie is directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst.

While the concept behind The Fanatic has been done before, showing stalkers going after celebrities (in this case it’s a celebrity played by Devon Sawa), the trailer definitely shows a unique spin on the concept. The fact that at one point, John Travolta dresses up like Jason Voorhees, should be enough to make anyone curious enough to want more.

Aside from dressing up like Crystal Lake’s most iconic killer, John Travolta sports a surprising enough look of his own. The most attention-gaining of which is probably his haircut, which is so disturbingly appropriate for his sick and twisted character that I can’t wait to see the psyche behind it. After all, this is unlike any other role that Travolta has landed, so I can only imagine how his acting talents will bring the character of Moose to life.

In The Fanatic, directed by Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst…

“Moose is a rabid movie fan who is obsessed with his favorite celebrity action hero, Hunter Dunbar. When he is cheated out of his opportunity to finally meet Hunter, Moose gets a little help from his friend Leah, a well-connected paparazzi photographer, who knows how to find celebrity homes. Moose turns to stalking to get the celebrity interaction he feels he deserves, and while harmless at first, Moose’s actions begin to take a dark turn as his obsession grows stronger. As the visits continue to escalate, Hunter Dunbar finds himself in increasing danger.”

The Fanatic premieres on August 30, 2019.

How do you feel about The Fanatic? Are you excited to see John Travolta in the title role? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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