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Pennywise The Clown

New Jersey Woman Burns Pennywise Doll That Mysteriously Arrives In Her Yard

There are multiple reactions when it comes to horror movies. Some people scream and jump, others laugh, and others cry and pass out. There is a spectrum of emotion that happens and a person can fall anywhere on that line, it just depends. But, what if the horror movie bleeds into real life? How do you react then? It certainly isn’t something one would expect to happen. But, for one New Jersey resident, not only did it happen, but it involved the scariest clown of all time in IT‘s Pennywise.

Renee Jensen was having just a regular, normal Saturday at home with her boyfriend when they both noticed something strange fly into their backyard. As they went to investigate the matter, they soon realized that it was a Pennywise the Clown doll from Stephen King’s novel. The doll was from the new reboot film, complete with blood stained lips and kewpie doll eyes. But, there was something else, something that was not ‘factory made’. There were mysterious numbers and letters written on the doll’s head in felt pen.

Renee called the police, who seemed to show trepidation at the thought of even touching the doll, but ultimately left it in her yard. So, Renee decided to take matters into her own hands, and doused the doll in lighter fluid and lit it on fire. She then burned sage to cleanse her house of any evil spirits. While to some this may seem like an over the top reaction. But how would you feel if a doll of a demonic clown came flying into your yard with zero explanation and had crazy writing on its forehead? Personally, I would have just moved.

This story, chronicled on, did get a response from one particular author. Stephen King, himself, caught wind of this and tweeted out the best response ever. Because, we all float down there…

How would you have reacted in this situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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