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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Writer Explains Why Steve Rogers Did Not Change History

Avengers: Endgame was a well-deserved wrap up for Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. The two characters have been a huge part of the MCU and it was only fitting for these characters to a proper ending to their over-arching story. It was a heartbreak to see Stark make the ultimate sacrifice – but the gut hitting blow was softened by the display of Rogers’s happy ending. Though Rogers’s time-traveling actions were with good intentions, fans of Endgame are still arguing whether the hero changed history. Fortunately for us, writer of the film, Christopher Markus has given his take on the subject.

Captain America’s unexpected final mission was to take the stones back through time and place them where they were before being taken by the Avengers. The plan was for Rogers to end up back in the present but what happened next, no one saw coming. The hero and owner of America’s ass decided that his time was up as one of the original Avengers and settled down with Peggy Carter back in the past.

It made sense. The man has been fighting for so long and the opportunity for a normal life seemed too good to pass.

Though audience members have not seen yet the ramification of Rogers’s actions, some have speculated that a few things in history must have changed. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Christopher Markus spoke on the events that played out and how they were always meant to be.

Here’s what he had to say:

 “Stephen [McFeely] and I are just so taken with the idea that Steve went back and somehow, therefore, has always been back. And he got to live his life. Because you get Captain America loyalists who say that if Cap goes back in time, he is honor-bound to fix everything he knows is going to happen. So, he has to go save Bucky, he has to prevent the Kennedy assassination… he’s a very busy man.”

“But that’s not why we sent him back. We sent him back so that he could become a whole person, and finally come home from the war. We didn’t want him to go back and just keep adventuring, we wanted him to rest. And the only way we could come to that solution is if there are two Caps. Which I’m okay with.”

The folks over at ScreenRant were the ones to catch this bit of news.

The Russo brothers have spoken about this very same subject in great lengths and so has writer Stephen McFeely. The four guys that would know the most of Steve Rogers’s mindset and endgame have said their piece about the argument and think it’s time to move on.

We have a lot more Marvel produced shows and movies coming down the pipeline. Let’s focus on that.

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