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IT: Chapter 2

‘IT: Chapter 2’ First Reviews Point To A Pretty Good Sequel

IT: Chapter 2 is easily one of the most anticipated movies of 2019, and couldn’t get here any sooner for fans of the first film, and fans of horror in general. With that being said, can it live up to the first film that was universally praised by fans and critics AND made a ton of money at the box office? With the first reviews being released, we’re sure it can.

At the time of writing this article, the movie has an 82% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the Critics Consensus reading:

It: Chapter Two proves bigger doesn’t always mean scarier for horror sequels, but a fine cast and faithful approach to the source material keep this follow-up afloat.

The Good

Variety: An elaborate fun-house horror movie that springs pop-up gimmicks and boogie-boogie scares steadily enough to excuse its been-there story and self-important 169-minute running time.

Fresh Fiction: A bacchanal of blood, brutal beauty, and bold vision, Muschietti brings King’s wicked nightmare factory alive again with all its terrifying, unhinged madness and gory glory.

New York Post: An immensely satisfying, often thrilling adventure film.

Bloody-Disgusting: So it isn’t as good as It: Chapter One. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good time. The filmmakers have assembled a cornucopia of nightmare fuel, or at least a heck of a lot of amazing jump scares…

ThePlaylist: The journey isn’t as tight or as focused as the last film, but Muschietti manages to successfully close the book on the Losers’ Club with his frightening and emotional It: Chapter Two.

The Bad

AV Club: When it comes down to it, It Chapter Two just isn’t all that scary.

Guardian: It is just so pointlessly long: approaching three hours, with our heroes finally beginning to assume a glassy-eyed solemnity like Hogwarts graduates or the Fellowship of the Ring.

Hollywood Reporter: Literally doubling the number of actors that played key roles in its predecessor, 2017’s Chapter One, the film puts excellent thesps in the parts but winds up feeling much less satisfying.

New York Times: This 2-hour-49-minute movie drags more than it jumps, wearing out its premise and possibly also your patience as it lumbers toward the final showdown.

IT: Chapter 2 hits theaters everywhere on September 6th.

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