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Sony Pictures Looking To Remake ‘The Princess Bride’

There is a saying in literature that there are only 32 stories that can be told. It is the twists that writers put on these stories that give of an infinite number of new, fresh, and unique tales. Apparently, Hollywood didn’t get that memo. It seems that Hollywood is at some sort of crossroads. If you can’t make a big budget superhero movie, then just reboot a classic! Hollywood is seemingly remaking every beloved classic nowadays, from Disney making live action versions of their vintage animated films. Rumor has it that there’s a Face/Off reboot in the works. Now, it would seem that one of the greatest romantic films of all time, and a classic comedy as well, is on the remake block in The Princess Bride.

It would seem that Sony is looking to reboot The Princess Bride. Now, before everyone grabs pitchforks and torches to storm the Sony headquarters, nothing is set in stone yet. However, Sony CEO, Tony Vinciquerra stated that ‘many famous people’, who he wouldn’t name, are interested in rebooting the classic.

This is all on the heels of famed producer, Norman Lear, signing an exclusive deal with Sony. The 97 year old producer has had a prolific career, including The Princess Bride, and apparently it’s all on the reboot block, according to Variety.

Star of the original movie, Cary Elwes, has even responded to the news:

This remake culture in cinema right now isn’t all bad. Mortal Kombat is getting a hardcore reboot, the latest Spider-Man films have been the best ever, and the Charlie’s Angels remake doesn’t look half bad. But these are the exceptions to the rule. Films don’t need rebooting. Hollywood needs fresh and new stories. And, yes, before people say, ‘Well, actually, there are more original films than remakes being released’, I know this to be true. But gone are the days of one remake every 2-3 years. Now we’re being inundated with dozens of reboots for the foreseeable future.

Hollywood needs to step back for a moment, and realize that these films are called ‘classics’ for a reason. They stand the test of time. So leave them alone.

Would you want to see a Princess Bride reboot? Let us know in the comments below!

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