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Marvel Studios Releases Official Trailer For ‘The Infinity Saga’

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has reached the conclusion of its first saga. It has been deemed, The Infinity Saga, after the Stones Thanos strived for. Now, Disney has prepared a neat little box-set to include all twenty-three movies of the saga. Kevin Feige unveiled the trailer for The Infinity Saga box set at this year’s San Diego ComicCon. Now, we’re finally able to watch it online.

As all things MCU, this trailer is quite epic. It begins with the hammer-to-anvil heard in the original post-credits of Avengers: Endgame. Of course, when the movie was re-released to theaters, an actual scene was added to match all the other movies in the MCU. But that hammering leads to the scene its pulled from. Tony Stark is building his suit from the very first MCU film, Iron Man. Robert Downey, Jr narrates on. We see clips of Captain America and Thor. His words are carefully chosen to go along with the progress through the story that was told. When he gets to “Then, give them something new,” the Guardians of the Galaxy are shown.

Downey trades off for a moment to let Paul Bettany narrate as The Vision. was quick to point out his line, “A thing isn’t beautiful because its lasts.” His voice-over is uttered through clips of Spider-Man. The words are very foreboding. Obviously, the character didn’t last in the MCU. But we all know the drama behind that by now.

Bettany gives the voice-over duties back to Stark. More thoughtful words are chosen. “This is the path I started on,” he says. And, “What a sweet-ass run it’s been.” They are coupled with Josh Brolin’s, “I am inevitable.” In which, we are reminded of the tear-jerker scene that followed Stark’s, “I am Iron Man.”

There is also something said about a world turning into a universe. The MCU has become the largest movie universe yet. You may argue the greatness or significance. But even though it’s been around less time than Star Wars, there is a far greater amount of movies.

I’m sure your hands are shaking now, anxious to purchase your copy of The Infinity Saga box-set. Sadly, we still have to wait until the turn of the year. There’s still no official date on it’s release, but it’s ear-marked for 2020. For more news on that date, and all things MCU, be sure to stay tuned to ScreenGeek.

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