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‘Joker’ Premiere Report Details Enhanced Security At The Event

The Joker premiere happened at Los Angeles’ Chinese Theater on Saturday night. The film has been receiving much attention lately. And it’s mostly negative. Therefore, no press was invited – only their own photographers. Also, the security for the event was kept tight.

Variety reported on the premiere. When interviewed, director, Todd Phillips, had a few things to say about the said attention.

“People can handle that message. It’s so, to me, bizarre when people say, ‘Oh, well I could handle it. But imagine if you can’t.’ It’s making judgments for other people.”

Such attention involves people believing the film could inspire crimes like the one in Aurora, Colorado. People don’t want another tragedy on their hands, like what happened at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises. When asked about this in an interview, Joaquin Phoenix stormed out. But with statements issued by the US Army, and other theaters revising their own security, it’s evident this wasn’t the kind of attention Phillips or Phoenix asked for.

At the premiere, Variety said,

“Security was tight but not excessive, with check-in perimeters extended a few feet more than normal for premieres, and traffic on a shut-down Hollywood Blvd condensed to a single lane for talent arrivals. Car interiors and trunks were inspected by police with dogs.”

And even though press weren’t allowed at the event, fans still got as close as they could. Though traffic was shut down, they gathered on the other side of Hollywood Boulevard and chanted Phoenix’s name.

Joker will arrive in theaters for the public on October 4th. Many are nervous about what might happen then. But one thing’s for sure, this better be one helluva movie. Phillips has expressed that people need to watch it before they form opinions. Though, I’m pretty sure opinions were formed, but not particularly about the plot. Stay tuned to ScreenGeek for further news.

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