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New Report Suggests Marvel Television Could Be Finished

When Agents of SHIELD premiered, it looked like the MCU was going to dominate both big and small screens. Agent Carter spun-off from that. Then Netflix expanded the Television realm. Next came Cloak and Dagger and Runaways. Inhumans was a stumbling block. But Marvel Television had made its mark. Though the Netflix shows were eventually axed, and SHIELD broke off from the MCU. Recently, Beta users for Disney Plus pointed out the separation between Marvel Studios and Marvel Television. And now, with plans for a Ghost Rider spin-off halted, reports say Marvel Television is at its end. And from here on out, Marvel Studios will regain control of both screens.

Variety posted an article that discussed the grim future for Marvel Television.

Phase 4 of the MCU will actually hold TV shows in its roster. Before, the shows produced by Marvel Television were in their own corner. Marvel Studios will actually give focus to the small screen, and award their television projects similar budgets as their movies.

Hulu had plans for a set of their own Marvel shows. There was to be another Agents of SHIELD spin-off with Ghost Rider. But now, those plans are scrapped as Kevin Feige has Ghost Rider plans of his own. Though, as of now, Helstrom and Hulu’s set of animated shows are still a go. Unfortunately, it looks like Cloak and Dagger and Runaways will not be renewed for any more seasons. Also, Legion is wrapping up its own story on FX.

Marvel Television shutting down may be unfortunate. But on the bright side, we’ll have new shows on Disney Plus. They will indeed have the high-quality of the movies. Also, the actors will reprise their roles from the movies. Since Clark Gregg moved from The Avengers onto Agents of SHIELD, he was never heard from again. And from then on, the movies made no mention of the shows. That was until James D’Arcy had a cameo in Avengers: Endgame as Edwin Jarvis from Agent Carter.

Disney Plus will start shelling out Marvel shows in 2020. Helstrom, a series about the Son of Satan, is still on for 2020. Though, there hasn’t been much news from that front. Also, Hulu still plans on Howard the Duck from Kevin Smith, Tigra & Dazzler from Chelsea Handler, and a couple others to eventually team-up as The Offenders. But I’m still waiting on that Squirrel Girl and The New Warriors show.

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