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Brenda Barattini Sex Tapes

Woman Faces Prison After Castrating Boyfriend Because He Showed Friends Their Sex Tapes

In what appears to be the disturbing real-life equivalent of a horrifying Friday the 13th sequence, a 28 year old woman has been found guilty for attacking her boyfriend. She has been sent to jail for 13 years after cutting off her boyfriend’s penis with garden shears following bondage sex after he showed friends their sex tapes. The woman, Brenda Barattini, had killed her 42 year old boyfriend Sergio Fernandez before facing a prison trial for the murder in Córdoba, a city located in Argentina.

Barattini initiated the attack on her boyfriend after he’d shown sex tapes and nude images of her to his friends. As she explained to the jury of four women and four men,

“He turned me into a sex object. I was just a s**g for him.

“He infringed my privacy, my life and my career. Everything has been ruined.”

Apparently the November 25, 2017 attack which she had planned for her boyfriend wasn’t intended to kill him. He explained what had happened during the scenario.

“After she put the blindfold on she told me I had to guess where she was touching me.

“She also wanted to tie me up but I didn’t let her. She began to practice oral sex on me. I suddenly felt something. She wanted to kill me in that second.”

When Sergio Fernandez was found by police, 90% of his penis had been removed along with one testicle. He then spent eight days in a coma and has since suffered PTSD and a feeling that women will want to kill him if he has sex. What’s more, Brenda Barattini even initially tried to lie to police and say he tried raping her before changing her story.

While she has since been in prison facing her 13 year sentence, Brenda is expected to appeal against the court. In fact, the unanimous decision by the jury was quoted for being “unheard of” in Argentina by her defense lawyer. Her defense lawyer Lucas de Olmos has also stated,

“No-one has ever been convicted in this country of attempted murder for a penis wound.”

The issue is definitely a horrifying one and it’s baffling that people could defend her. Obviously her boyfriend shouldn’t have done those things, but her actions took things to a completely new level of sickening.

Source: DailyMail

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