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Actress Danielle Harris Teases Two New ‘Hatchet’ Sequels

The first Hatchet film created by Adam Green is one of the few original modern slasher films that successfully spawned a franchise. Once Hatchet II came around, scream queen Danielle Harris became the series’ protagonist up until the release of Victor Crowley. That particular sequel, however, did tease a larger role for Danielle Harris should another film be produced – and according to Harris, that’s the plan. In fact, we could be getting two new Hatchet sequels.

Danielle Harris was recently asked at Monster Mania 44 if we could expect anything else from the Hatchet franchise in the future. She confirmed that there are indeed plans for not just Hatchet 5, but also a sixth Hatchet film.

“There’s supposed to be two more,” Harris told the convention’s attendees.

She continued, “I know the rumor Adam told me is they’re going to shoot them at the same time. I have not read a script or done anything, I just know that he always makes me do really stupid shit. And a lot of it. So hopefully I’m not going to be handcuffed an entire movie this time, or covered in… It’s completely insane, what he has me do. But I know there’s supposed to be two more, which is great.”

Adam Green did previously state that should Victor Crowley do well enough financially, that more films would be on the way. And in a time when slasher icons like Freddy and Jason are no more and most newer attempts seem to lose steam – it’ll be nice seeing that Kane Hodder is always apt to make a return as Crowley.

Hopefully we find out more official information soon – unless, of course, they plan to release the two new Hatchet sequels by surprise as what happened with Victor Crowley.

How would you feel about getting two new Hatchet sequels? Are you interested in seeing Danielle Harris return for more installments? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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