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Mike Flanagan A Nightmare On Elm Street

Mike Flanagan Teases ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ Pitch

One of the franchises that everyone seems to be hoping gets rebooted soon is the Nightmare on Elm Street series. The iconic horror franchise has left a major influence over the genre since Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street was released all the way back in 1984. The last entry in the series was released nearly a decade ago in 2010, and the franchise has been nearly dead ever since. But now Wes Craven’s estate has gotten the rights to the original 1984 film, and they are actively trying to get a new installment produced. And as you can see down below, director Mike Flanagan is making an effort to get his version of A Nightmare on Elm Street made.

The most recent development made is that Wes Craven’s estate is looking to accept pitches for either a theatrical film installment or even HBO Max series. Although there isn’t much information regarding the process or what Wes Craven’s estate is specifically hoping to do – there have been plenty of responses since the news broke out. Perhaps one of the most interesting comes from director Mike Flanagan, who recently unleashed a rather solid follow-up to The Shining titled Doctor Sleep.

It looks like he wants to visit the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise next, because according to him, he has a pitch to bring Freddy Krueger back to the big screen. Mike Flanagan expressed his enthusiasm for rebooting A Nightmare on Elm Street through a Twitter post, which stated:

“Put me in, coach… I’ve got a pitch!”

While we don’t know what exactly Mike Flanagan’s pitch could consist of, it’s nice to know that he’s eager to put in the effort to get the gig. The director’s latest film Doctor Sleep might not have done as well in theaters as expected, but fans seem to have enjoyed it for the most part. And with a much more marketable brand like Nightmare on Elm Street and its iconic villain Freddy Krueger – he might have the chance to knock such a reboot out of the park this time around.

Hopefully someone gets into the ring soon – whether it be Mike Flanagan or someone else – and present us with a new Nightmare on Elm Street incarnation worth celebrating. After all, Freddy Krueger has been gone for far too long. It’s about time to reintroduce him to the world as he should be remembered.

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