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Avengers: Endgame Steve Peggy

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Official Photo Gives Steve And Peggy Their Happy Ending

Steve Rogers may have wanted to sign up to receive the Super Soldier Serum. I mean, he was a ninety-pound-weakling for chrissakes. And I’m sure Peggy Carter would have loved him for his values rather than his brawn. But Captain America didn’t expect to be frozen in ice for eighty years. He missed the dance he promised Peggy. He was ripped out of time. And as a member of the Avengers, he never really got to live a peaceful life. But when he had the chance, he jumped right on it. To remind us of his happy ending in Avengers: Endgame, we were presented with that long-overdue dance he had with Peggy.

Cap returned the Infinity Stones back to their rightful spots in time. But then he enjoyed some of that life Tony was always telling him about. Though he didn’t want to talk about her to Sam Wilson, he reunited with Peggy Carter. And they had that dance he promised her, as “It’s Been a Long Long Time” played. Indeed it had been a long time.

Variety conducted an interview with actor, Chris Evans. The Chris Evans News Twitter account shared the article with the image from Steve and Peggy’s dance. Just looking at the image, you can hear the song they danced to.

As Old Man Cap, Steve passed his shield onto Falcon. Anthony Mackie will reprise his role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus. Even though Steve made him the new Captain America, the government has someone else in mind. Wyatt Russell will play their successor, U.S. Agent. Old Man Cap remained as a supporting character in All-New Captain America, in which the show will adapt. But don’t expect Evans to reprise the role. The actor shot down any hope in return.

However, Hayley Atwell will reprise her role as Peggy Carter. After Captain America: The First Avenger, she went on to a starring role in Agent Carter. This was after the Agent Carter Marvel One-Shot. Though, the series only lasted for two seasons on ABC. But then, she played her again in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Endgame. She will return as a different version of Peggy. In the animated What If, she will become a female version of Captain Britain. In the comics, Captain Britain was Brian Braddock, a member of the X-Men team, Excalibur. The episode in which Atwell will reprise her voice will be called something like, “What if Peggy took the Super Soldier Serum.” In clips, you can see a skinny Steve in a Hulkbuster-like armor. So perhaps, Evans will at least lend his voice one last time.

The Falcon and the Winter Solider will be available to stream on Disney Plus in 2020. What If will stream in 2021. For more on those shows, as well as the rest of the MCU, keep reading Screen Geek.

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