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Rumor Says Edge Is Returning To Wrestle In WWE – But Edge Denies It

The wrestling world is perpetually full of rumors about which superstars from the past might be returning. Some are still in prime fighting form, like CM Punk or John Cena. Others (I’m looking at you, Undertaker) are past their golden days, but popularity and nostalgia keep fans wanting more. The latest scuttlebutt has none other than the Rated R Superstar, Edge, eyeing an in-ring comeback.

It would be pretty shocking, seeing as he hasn’t competed since 2011. If you were watching at the time, you’re sure to remember his unexpected and emotional retirement. If you’re a newer fan, here’s a brief recap of his career.

After spending years as half of one of the most popular tag teams in the sport’s history, Edge went on to become a hugely successful singles competitor as well, enjoying several championship runs over the next decade. Whether as a heel or a face, he was always loved by the crowds.

Sadly, that all ended abruptly on April 11, 2011. He had sustained a career-ending neck injury, cervical spinal stenosis, forcing him to retire immediately. Doctors warned Edge that he would risk paralysis – or even death – if he ever competed in another match. So, at the top of his game, he walked away at the age of 37.

But he didn’t sit around feeling sorry for himself. The man once known as Adam Copeland had dabbled in acting with a few bit parts over the years. Now he dived headlong into the next phase of his career, becoming a series regular on the hit SyFy show Haven. Copeland portrayed Dwight Hendrickson for four seasons, until the show wrapped in 2015. He next worked on DC’s series The Flash, and most recently, has been a regular on Vikings since 2017.

But wrestling was always his first love, which brings us back to the present. He’s made a few special (non-combat) appearances over the years, always getting a huge reaction from the crowd. However, at last year’s SummerSlam, he delivered his signature spear to Elias, shocking all who knew of his medical restrictions.

Now, Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that Edge has signed a secret deal with WWE, and is set to return to the ring next year – perhaps as a surprise Royal Rumble entrant. Johnson is listed as a reputable insider, having broken many wrestling stories before the rest of the press in the past. So, while it’s still a rumor without confirmation, it’s a pretty strong one. Here’s his thoughts on the matter:

“We’ve heard that Edge signed a new deal with WWE that has a pretty nice upside.  We also reported a few months ago he was in Pittsburgh for WWE business and that’s where WWE Wellness Policy head Dr. Joseph Maroon is headquartered.  My gut feeling is we’ll see Edge in the Royal Rumble as a surprise (as that seems like the perfect place to make a big splash with a return for Wrestlemania season) and possibly even see him do a few matches on major events.  I will point out that Edge has denied on social media that he’s doing anything, but the talk has persisted internally that he’s on the way back to the ring and I do believe there is something to it.  We will see if I am right soon enough.”

Here’s how Edge responded:

We can only imagine the crowd’s explosion if his music hits as entrant #30 in the famous battle royal match. As a huge fan, I would love to see this happen. However, his health should always be his primary concern. So if an in-ring return is indeed in the cards, we can only hope he has his doctor’s blessing.

Do you believe we’ll soon see the Rated R Superstar return to the squared circle? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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