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Sarah Paulson Returning For ‘American Horror Story’ Season 10

Essentially becoming this generation’s Twilight Zone with its segmented narrative approach, American Horror Story has been an astonishing success for producer Ryan Murphy and company. Embracing several horror pastiches to deliver a variety of intriguing, if not controversial experiences, the show has garnered a significant audience despite its quality not being consistently great. One of the major benefactors of AHS’ success is series regular Sarah Paulson.

The Emmy Award-winning actress has enjoyed a prosperous working dynamic with Murphy and FX, also staring in the highly-regarded The People vs OJ miniseries. Outside of the small screen, she has delivered effective performances in major staples (Glass) and indie darlings like (Blue Jay). Throughout this time, she has appeared in some manor in most AHS seasons, but she recently was not involved in the last season (the slasher-inspired 1984).

According to a report from The Wrap, it looks like Paulson will be commanding the spotlight in the show’s tenth season. Here’s Paulson’s comments with the site.

I can confirm that I will be in next season. I have no idea what it will be… But I’m not coming back as a guest part, I will be a central character.”

Longtime fans of the show will likely embrace the return of Paulson, as she has portrayed several of the show’s most iconic characters during her tenure. Murphy has stated that Season 10 will be an opportunity to “reunite fan-favorites to come back”, which is coming into place with Paulson’s return. Audiences will have to wait to find out Season 10’s story direction, with Murphy often creating drastically different narratives from season to season. With the show being renewed for another three seasons, it’s clear that Murphy and Paulson will be around surprising audiences for years to come.

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