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Amber Heard Tells Johnny Depp No One Will Believe He’s A Victim In Full Leaked Audio Recording

It seems that the bizarre legal battles between stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who were previously married before divorcing due to domestic abuse issues, are only going to become more and more heated. In fact, things aren’t looking good for actress Amber Heard. In a recently released audio clip taken from the couple’s marriage, she had actually admitted to having hit her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Now a new audio recording between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp adds an extra layer to the conflict.

It seems that this newly discovered audio recording, which was published by Daily Mail (and linked at the bottom), actually reveals a moment where Amber Heard ridicules Johnny Depp for believing he was a victim of her abuse. In fact, she tells Johnny Depp the following statement:

“I’m sorry because the last time it got crazy between us I really did think I was gonna lose my life. And I thought you would do it on accident. ‘And I told you that. I said oh my God, I thought the first time.”

Johnny Depp responds and relays several incidents where he was physically harmed:

“I lost a f—ing finger man, c’mon. I had a f—ing, I had a f—ing mineral can, a jar, a can of mineral spirits thrown at my nose.”

It appears that the two were referring to an argument they had in Australia, where Johnny Depp claimed he tried having Amber Heard sign a ‘postnup’ agreement. After which, she responded instead by throwing a vodka bottle at him. The bottle incidentally severed his finger and Depp eventually ended up at the hospital for it.

Meanwhile the legal documents submitted by Amber Heard claim Johnny Depp severed his finger while in ecstasy, where he proceeded to write messages with his bloodied finger in dark colored paint.

In the audio published by Daily Mail (the full recording is linked below) there’s a piece of Amber speaking quoted as:

“You can please tell people that it was a fair fight, and see what the jury and judge thinks. Tell the world, Johnny, tell them, Johnny Depp, I Johnny Depp, a man, I’m a victim too of domestic violence.”

She continued, “And I, you know, it’s a fair fight. And see how many people believe or side with you,” Johnny Depp then breaks in the conversation, saying, “It doesn’t matter; fair fight my ass.”

Heard continues on…”Because you’re big, you’re bigger and you’re stronger. And so when I say that I thought that you could kill me, that doesn’t mean you counter with you also lost your own finger. ‘I, I’m not trying to attack you here, I’m just trying to point out the fact of why I said call 911. Because I was, you had your hands on me after you threw a phone at my face. ‘And it’s got crazy in the past, and I truly thought I need to stop this madness before I get hurt.”

Obviously Johnny Depp appears to be stunned by this rant, and responds by asking Amber Heard the following:

“Oh my god. Do you believe all this Amber? Do you believe all this?” Heard responds, “Yes, the f***, yes, yes.”

Johnny continues by asking his ex-wife, “Do you believe you’re an abuser? Do you believe you abused me physically?”

It’s here that Amber essentially states she’s physically incapable of abusing Johnny, despite having hit him in the past.

Amber answers saying, “Do you know I’m a 115, well not anymore, but I was a 115 lb almost 115 lb woman…have I ever been able to knock you off of your feet? Or knock you off balance? — “You’re going to get up on the stand, Johnny, and say, ‘she started it’? Really? I have never been able to overpower you that’s the difference between me and you…and that’s a difference, that’s a whole world, and there’s a jury and there’s a judge will see that there’s a very big difference between me and you.”

The audio recording continues and at one point Amber Heard then suggests that Depp is the one abusing her, and that she has collected much evidence of it:

“It would not be about me throwing you under the bus”, she says. She continues,, “You know what it would be? It would be released through documented people, coming on the record, and, having the protection to do so, that hasn’t had yet. It would be eyewitness statements. It would be evidence. Tons of it. And it would be through the years.”

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