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Hugh Jackman, Jon Bernthal & More Show Support For Bullied Australian Boy Quaden Bayles

Earlier this week on social media, a heartbreaking video was being shared showing Quaden Bayles, a nine year old boy, crying and begging his mother to let him kill himself after being targeted by bullies at school due to his dwarfism. After the video went viral, people from all over the world spoke out in support of Quaden, offering everything from supportive messages to raising money to send him on a trip to Disneyland. One such supportive message came in the form of Hugh Jackman, better known as the Marvel character, Wolverine.

Taking to his Twitter account, Jackman posted a video to Quaden and his 14 Million Followers telling the youngster that he is ‘Stronger than he knows’ and urging others to be kind to one another, stating that ‘life is hard enough’. You can check out Jackman’s response below.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan responded as well:

And Punisher actor Jon Bernthal:

Among others:

Another famous face who has done a lot for this good cause is American Comic, Brad Williams whose GoFundMe campaign to send Quaden and his Mother to Disneyland is currently sitting at over $325,000. Williams who has dwarfism himself stated on the page that it was set up to ‘Show Quaden and others, that there is good in the world and they are worthy of it’.

One of the positives that can come out of this is that,  like both Brad Williams and Hugh Jackman say, there are still good people out there willing to do the right thing to help those in need although it is such a shame that it had come to this in the first place. You can donate to the GoFundMe for Quaden, with Williams staying that any excess will be donated to an anti-bullying charity.

Remember folks, just because we don’t have superpowers or adamantium claws, doesn’t mean we can’t be heroes. Be kind to one another.

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