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Jason Blum And Leigh Whannell Want To Make An ‘Upgrade’ Sequel

One of the most underrated movies of late would have to be Leigh Whannell’s Upgrade. The 2018 film had great reviews and even had a decently sized release in theaters for such a low budget film and did pretty well (making $11 million domestically against a $5 million budget). Unsurprisingly, the movie has gained a cult following – but hasn’t gained a massive one yet. Still, that hasn’t stopped the people who made from talking about a sequel, as the film’s ending definitely left it open for one.

While promoting his new film The Invisible Woman, Whannell was asked about the possibility of a sequel to Upgrade in a recent interview with Fandom, and the director responded by saying:

“We’ll see. A sequel is a champagne problem created by the success of a movie. So Hollywood economics dictates whether there’s going to be a sequel, and Upgrade … I wouldn’t exactly call it a monster hit. I’d call it a cult hit, and cult hits, when they look at the books of cult hits, they’re like ‘Nyah, sequel’. So we’ll see. I loved making that film, so I’d love to do it with a bit more money.”

The film was released by BH Tilt – AKA Jason Blum of Blumhouse – and he’s also interested in seeing a sequel:

“I would love an Upgrade sequel. I will say that we haven’t put it to bed yet. We have no immediate plans, but Upgrade is very much on my mind — and on Leigh’s mind as well.”

Though it probably won’t happen soon, it’s interesting that there’s this much talk about a sequel already.

If you watched Upgrade not knowing it had a small budget, you probably wouldn’t even notice. That’s what’s so impressive about the movie, as well as the mind blowing ending, so it’s not exactly a surprise that people want more. Personally, I think the ending is part of what made the movie so good, and they should probably just leave what happens after the credits roll up for interpretation. Then again, I can’t say I wouldn’t be interested in watching a sequel if it were to be made. We’ll see what happens.

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