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‘Inside The Actors Studio’ Host James Lipton Dead At 93

It has been sadly reported that James Lipton, perhaps best known for having created and hosted Inside the Actors Studio, has died at the age of 93 from bladder cancer.

The report that James Lipton died was given to The Hollywood Reporter by his wife Kedakai Mercedes Lipton, who explained that her husband died in their home earlier today on Monday.

As those of you who may be familiar with Inside the Actors Studio already know, the series premiered in 1994 and managed to air for 22 seasons which were all hosted by Lipton up until 2018 when he had to step down from the role. The series has continued to feature guest hosts to this day in place of Lipton.

The series would focus on Lipton as he’d interview a top performer and conduct an incredibly in depth discussion for the show’s hour long time slot. It was a fascinating way at getting insight from some of Hollywood’s greatest creative minds and Lipton truly left his mark on television with it considering it’s one of the longest running cable TV series.

James Lipton had a variety of previous roles in the entertainment industry before creating Inside the Actors Studio, including work as an actor, screenwriter, choreographer, lyricist, author, producer, and even an academic.

It’s incredibly unfortunate that Hollywood has lost a person that’s made such a long and massive impact on the industry, but as his legacy still continues on, audiences will likely never forget his work. Especially knowing that the series he created in 1994, Inside the Actors Studio, will continue on with its current format for the foreseeable future. Of course, it’ll still never quite be the same without Lipton hosting as he did for the majority of its run. After all, only a man with his variety of life experiences and work in the industry would know just how to give those celebrities their time to shine in a proper, intimate interview setting.

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