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Marvel Hinting At Gay Relationship Between Wolverine And Cyclops?

Marvel Comics have always tried to be ahead of the curve when it comes to society and progressive tendencies. Black Panther was the first African lead character, during the Civil Rights movement. The X-Men were also a metaphor for that movement, talking hatred and bigotry. They have also tackled cancer, depression, alcoholism, and more. They have also had several homosexual/bisexual characters over the years. One of those, believe it or not, is one of Marvel’s most popular characters, Wolverine. While Logan has had several female loves, and his adoration for Jean Grey is iconic, he has also had male lovers, most notably Hercules. Now, with the new take on the X-Men by Jonathan Hickman, many are thinking that Wolverine is part of a new polyamorous relationship with Jean Grey and Scott Summers.

Cyclops and Wolverine have been at each other’s throats for decades. Between differing leadership/fighting policies, polar opposite personalities and the fight over Jean Grey, they have never really gotten along at all. But now, as mutants rebuild their society, Scott, Logan, and Jean seem to be more chummy than ever. Jean’s room on their moon-base even sits between the two fellas’ rooms, with a door to each. Scott and Logan have been downright flirty, with a more affectionate and joking relationship as of late. But, as of now, nothing official has been put on the page.

X-Men: Let’s Talk about the Cyclops+Jean+Wolverine Situation

X-Men: Let’s Talk about the Cyclops+Jean+Wolverine Situation

X-Men: Let’s Talk about the Cyclops+Jean+Wolverine Situation

The fans seem to be split over this idea. While some sites and fans are praising this possible change in dynamic, other sites and fans seem to taking this as an attack on their favorite character. Many of these naysayers, though, forget that Wolvie has already come out as bisexual with his other relationships. Scott, as prudish as he has been, may be more open now thanks to all the changes Xavier has been making as of late. Who knows, we may all be reading too much into this. Maybe Scott and Logan are sharing Jean polyamorously, but not each other. Maybe Logan has come to terms with their relationship, and has softened a bit, becoming good friends. We won’t really know until it gets spelled out in the pages of future issues.

Are you down for a Wolverine/Scott/Jean relationship? Let us know in the comments below!

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