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Ryan Reynolds’ Cell Phone Company Giving Out Free Data Amid Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced a variety of different economic industries to pursue different ways of business during the situation. While some of these industries are still looking for ways to make money albeit in different fashions than normal, other businesses are being much more charitable during this hectic time. One such business is Ryan Reynolds’ own cellphone company, Mint Mobile. As Ryan Reynolds himself has announced, it looks like Mint Mobile will be offering their customers with free data service for the next month.

As Ryan Reynolds explained on Twitter, Mint Mobile will be offering all of their current as well as new customers with free unlimited high speed data add ons for their accounts.

“These last few days have thrown the world into an unprecedented moment of uncertainty where reliable communication is of the utmost importance,” the statement reads. “As your communication provider, we feel it’s necessary to do something that could possibly help all of us navigate this tough time a little bit better. Starting 3-15-20 through 4-14-20, Mint Mobile will be providing all current and new customers with FREE unlimited high-speed data add-ons.”

In order to acquire the free unlimited data, customers must have the newest version of the Mint Mobile app first. They then must enter the “account” settings and click “buy more data.” This will allow them to purchase data in 3GB increments. You must have used 95% of your data add on before adding more. Then your credit card will be charged before being refunded. As promised, users will have access to these free unlimited 3GB data increments until April 14, 2020.

It’s certainly a wholesome sight to see the charitable actions of companies and businesses, even those still attempting to keep some profit going forward. It’s a tough economic time but thankfully we have the likes of Mint Mobile helping to keep people connected.

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