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Marvel Comics Reveals Key Immortal Hulk Character Is Transgender

The Immortal Hulk series for Marvel Comics is showcasing sides of the Big Green Goliath fans have never seen before. While it really explores the broken psyche of Bruce Banner, and the multiple Hulk personas inside him, it is also highlighting many of his supporting characters, some old, some new. One of these supporting characters has just been revealed as transgender, and that makes the current predicament even harder on her.


Dr. Charlene McGowan is a relatively new character to the comics, but comes with a checkered past. After being fired from a high end position at CalTech, she resorted to drinking and drugs before falling in with the Kingpin. After Daredevil broke up the ring, she spent some time in prison before General Fortean and Shadow Base pulled her out in exchange for working for them. During issue 32 of the run, she reveals to Doc Samson that she is transgender. And, that Xemnu’s current ploy of altering the memories of the world affect her deeply. She spent so much time in her own head, debating her own gender, and the thought of someone else planting ideas and memories in her head doesn’t sit well with her at all.

As all of this is going on, Hulk has taken over Shadow Base, and Dr. McGowan and the rest now work for him. Now, with a billion dollar black budget and all this tech off the grid, Hulk and his companions can stop Xemnu and others like him. However, there may be secrets within Shadow Base that they will also have to contend with, like the new monster spliced from Rick Jone’s dead body and the Abomination.

Marvel Comics has been moving forward progressively with their characters, helping reflect modern times in the pages of their books. They just recently introduced a non-binary superhero, and have had characters of the LGBT community for decades. As Marvel continues to try to include everyone and show representation for all, we will continue to get progressive characters like Dr. McGowan, and help normalize people of all shapes, colors, creeds, and religions.

What do you think of Marvel including a transgender scientist? Let us know in the comments below!

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