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‘Hobbs And Shaw 2’ Officially In Development Says Dwayne Johnson

Long-after the success of the original Fast and Furious film, the franchise continues to drive forward with unprecedented success. Last year marked a major milestone in the brand’s development, with the spin-off Hobbs and Shaw opening to the enjoyment of fans and critics alike. While the film did not break box office records domestically (173 million on a 200 million dollar budget), it did earn a massive 759 worldwide, which makes it no surprise that Hobbs and Shaw 2 is on its way.

During an Instagram Live Q&A (which was reported by ScreenRant), star Dwayne Johnson confirmed that Hobbs and Shaw 2 is officially happening, with the team behind the original set to return for the upcoming sequel. Here’s the star’s update about the project:

“We are developing now the next film, the next [Hobbs & Shaw] movie, and I’m pretty excited about it…Just gotta figure out the creative right now, and the direction we’re going to go.”

While its clear the project is still very much in its early production phase, it’s exciting to think about the potential this sequel has. The original film was a fun, over-the-top continuation of the Fast moniker, while also introducing some intriguing new characters that have room to grow. That is especially the case for the roles portrayed by star actors Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds, who could possibly see more screentime after cameos in the first film.

What I am interested to see is whether Hobbs and Shaw cross the Fast family’s path again on the big screen. It’s clear that Johnson has some animosity with his former co-stars, but a project that could potentially pit the two sides as foes would be an epic cinematic event. Fast 5 is still my favorite Fast movie because of the dynamic foe relationship between Johnson and str Vin Diesel, so I can only imagine what an even bigger sequel could do with that relationship.

Are you excited for a Hobbs and Shaw sequel? Let us know in the comments! 

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