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venom symbiote

People Are Freaking Out Over What Looks Like A Real-Life Venom Symbiote

You may have logged on to Twitter recently and saw that Venom was a trending topic, and thought there was a new update on Venom 2. If you happened to dig a little deeper, you saw that it was actually nothing to do with the upcoming movie sequel – despite rumors that a trailer is dropping very soon. It’s actually trending for a much different reason – and has a lot of users freaking out about it.

A new video posted by a Twitter user features something that looks eerily similar to the black symbiote featured in the Venom movie, and the reactions to that video are pretty entertaining.

As to what it actually could be, one user responded by saying:

To which someone said:

No word on whether or not the person filming this video bonded with the black substance and became Venom, but once we find out, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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