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Stephen King Reveals How Pennywise Would Handle The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has been impacting everyone throughout its spread across the globe, and that includes both the average citizen and even the world’s biggest celebrities. Absolutely everyone is being informed about the importance of quarantine and social distancing. And while people continue to indulge these strategies in an effort to stop the Coronavirus from spreading further, some people have been offering means of entertainment for those stuck inside. Horror author Stephen King is one such person, and he offered an iconic visual inspired by one of his most successful stories – IT – with a nicely placed Coronavirus twist.

As audiences know from Stephen King’s iconic novel, which has since been iconically adapted into a two part miniseries in the 1990’s as well as two blockbuster theatrical films, the story’s villain Pennywise tends to lure unsuspecting children into sewer drains. The image that Stephen King shared plays with this iconic image, with an eerily dark sewer grate front and center. Above the grate is a floating red balloon, which easily signifies that Pennywise is waiting. What’s more, however, is the above mentioned Coronavirus twist: the IT inspired image also shows a roll of toilet paper on top of the grate.

It’s a funny sight in what is an otherwise dark and eerie image taken straight from the original story. While everyone is stuck inside, no doubt slowly losing their minds in a way probably (but not hopefully) relatable to another Stephen King story (hint: a family gets isolated inside a snowy hotel over the winter), it’s nice to see that Stephen King can still offer his dark sense of humor during this tough time. It’s a cheery way to think back to one of King’s stories that has since made a major comeback in pop culture in recent years.

Hopefully fans enjoyed the image and took some humor away from the inclusion of the toilet paper roll. It’s an obvious jab at how people were initially hoarding the stuff after the Coronavirus started to really pick up steam. But by now things are mostly settling down in that department, so hopefully everyone can simply focus on social distancing and getting this issue over with.

As always, stay safe, and make sure you’re taking the proper precautions against the Coronavirus.

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