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‘The Jack In The Box’ Trailer Unlocks A Creepy Clown Demon

Although everyone has still been stuck inside due to the quarantine, especially now that mostly everything else in the world that isn’t considered essential seems to be closed – including movie theaters. Luckily, however, that hasn’t stopped movies from being released via other means of distribution. Now a new horror film titled The Jack in the Box will be the next to arrive for horror fans’ viewing. As such, the first poster and trailer for The Jack in the Box have nothing been released, and you can see the two pieces of marketing down below.

The plot appears to focus on an old Jack in the Box toy that gets donated to a museum. After this, one of the museum employees named Casey begins to suspect that the creepy toy is responsible for the sudden deaths of his colleagues. It then becomes a battle between Casey and the demented plaything.

It’s become a common trope for the horror genre to show off bizarre toys and possessed dolls, so it makes sense that a film would finally focus solely on a Jack in the Box for once. Of course, this won’t be the first time a horrific Jack in the Box has been shown on screen – there’s always the memorable character Jack Attack from the Demonic Toys franchise. Nevertheless, there’s always room for more. So hopefully this new movie will live up to the creepy new poster and trailer and give us an iconic new horror villain to enjoy while we’re all stuck inside for the time being.

The film was directed by Lawrence Fowler who also wrote the script. It was produced by Geoff Fowler and Lawrence Fowler. The cast for the film includes Ethan Taylor, Robert Nairne and Lucy-Jane Quinlan.

The Jack in the Box is scheduled for its release date on May 5, 2020 where it will premiere on VOD, Digital HD, and DVD.

The Jack in the Box Poster

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