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UFC Boss Dana White Basically Just Announced Real-Life ‘Mortal Kombat’ Event

It would seem that in this global pandemic, the final battle for Earth Realm is about to begin. As the world deals with shut downs, social distancing, and country wide quarantines, people are trying to find some sort of normalcy and some entertainment to keep themselves sane. In an effort to do that just that, though, one promoter has seemingly stepped beyond the fight game, and straight into Mortal Kombat. It would seem that UFC President, Dana White, has become the living embodiment of Shang Tsung and is ready to announce that ‘It has BEGUN!’.

While speaking with TMZ, White proclaimed that the upcoming UFC 249 fights will indeed be taking place, and on a PRIVATE F’ING ISLAND!

“I am a day or two away from securing a private island. I have a private island that I’ve secured; we’re getting the infrastructure put in now, so I’m gonna start doing the international fights, too. With international fighters, because I won’t be able to get international fighters into the U.S., I have a private island that I’m gonna start flying them all in and doing international fights from there. So as of April 18th, the UFC is back up and running.”

Sound like the plot of a 90’s video game movie? That’s because it is! This is the basic plot to Mortal Kombat! We’re half expecting him to announce the main event to be Liu Kang versus Goro! In all seriousness, though, this is an incredibly bold step on the UFC’s part. And it is almost a big middle finger to the world governments and their shut downs. Now, people are going a bit stir crazy with all their favorite sports, concerts, movies and more being shut down, but this fight card does pose a serious health risk. Having international fighters from different countries flying into a small private island, just to head back home after it’s all over seems too risky at this moment and time. And, of course, the internet is having a field day with this.

With all that said, I will still tune in to see this fight card. A little taste of the way things were will be refreshing, and it will be fun to see the UFC back in action. Hopefully, this remains a purely positive move, and everyone stay safe.

What do you think of Dana White’s private island option? Let us know in the comments below!

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