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Johnny Depp Joins Instagram With Video Message For Fans

The Coronavirus has been a truly awful pandemic and one that’s still leaving most of the globe stuck in quarantine. While individuals are struggling to keep their minds occupied during these tough times, celebrities are forced to do the same, and many have been interacting with fans on a much more personal level. Now actor Johnny Depp has joined Instagram in an effort to connect with his fans, and it’s perfect timing considering how often the legal entanglements with his ex-wife actress Amber Heard have been popping up in the news lately.

As many of you already know, Johnny Depp has been seeing much support in his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard who claims that Johnny Depp was abusive towards her throughout their short marriage. As the stories have been going, however, Johnny Depp has insisted that not only did he never harm Heard – but that Heard was actually the one being abusive towards him.


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Collaboration with my dear friend @jeffbeckofficial . Link in Bio

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Nevertheless, it’s a good time as any for Johnny Depp to step away from the lawsuit and reconnect with his fans – and as you can see, his new Instagram video was the perfect way for going about it.

Johnny Depp explained in the Instagram video that this was his first steps into the world of social media, and that he believes this Coronavirus pandemic has been the perfect opportunity to “open up a dialogue.”

He continues to state the following in the video:

“I know for the moment if feels like both of our hands are tied behind our backs, and to some degree they are. But our minds are unbound and our hearts are not chained and we can care, and through caring we will help each other and we will prevail. Caring is as close as the eye can see, it’s right in front of you at all times if you just have a look.”

The video also included a mention that Depp along with Jeff Beck recorded a cover of John Lennon’s Isolation, available here, and he teased that there could be even more to come.

“Thanks very much, I reckon there’s more to come, so I’ll see you down the road. Until then, stay well, stay well,” Depp concluded with the video.

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