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Joe Exotic’s Tiger King Zoo Reopens As “Tiger King Park” To Huge Crowds

It’s not a surprise that Netflix’s recent documentary series Tiger King brought all sorts of newfound popularity to Joe Exotic and his tiger zoo. In fact, Tiger King was so popular that it immediately spawned all sorts of conversations for upcoming new projects, including a scripted series that will see actor Nicolas Cage in the role of Joe Exotic. But that’s not all – Netflix’s hit series has brought newfound popularity to the real-life zoo as well. The zoo, now named Tiger King Park, has just reopened since the Coronavirus quarantine laws have eased up a bit in Oklahoma.

Of course, Joe Exotic is no longer in charge of the park as he’s not only in prison, but the park also belongs to Jeff Lowe. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop Lowe from welcoming hundreds of new visitors into his newly reopened Tiger King Park, as revealed via TMZ.

And yes, that’s correct – there are crowds featuring hundreds of people entering and exploring the park. While much of the globe is still being held under the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, it seems there’s very little usage of masks or social distancing at the Tiger King Park. Whether it’s the success of the series, the desire to once again enter society, or a mix of both, it seems that people are flocking to see the park regardless of the Coronavirus.

It’s definitely ironic to see how much success the park is now a part of. While Joe Exotic is stuck in prison, Jeff Lowe and everyone else still involved with the park are going to no doubt be profiting from all of this for quite awhile. Especially with the way streaming service Netflix’s Tiger King series popularized the park. Of course, some people have just as many suspicions regarding Jeff Lowe as they do with Joe Exotic – so perhaps things won’t always last this way.

For now, however, people seem to be enjoying their opportunity to visit Tiger King Park. Even with a global pandemic going on.

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