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Florida Man Describes Surviving In Haunted House During Lockdown

While most people are starting to leave the quarantine that was widely enforced throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, it looks like some had it worse than others while being stuck inside. In fact, much like the plot of some kind of horror movie, one man was apparently stuck inside of an allegedly haunted house for his portion of the quarantine.

According to Kurt Schleicher, a Florida resident, he’s been putting up with quite a few spooky occurrences during quarantine while staying in the allegedly haunted house where Victor Licata was reported to have murdered his entire family. This included Victor’s parents, siblings, and even their family dog. Now Schleicher has had plenty of time to get familiar with the darker side of this house while in quarantine. As he’s stated:

“I guess you could say I’m getting to know my roommates,” Schleicher told the New York Post. “They left this earth in a stressful way, they were murdered while they slept, and their time was cut short, so I understand where they’re coming from.”

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it’s still an undoubtedly creepy place to stay. Reason being, there are still reminders of the horrific crimes which occurred there before Kurt Schleicher ever moved in. For example, he’s discovered what appears to be ax marks left in the house’s window frames. It’s something he probably wouldn’t have noticed without the quarantine forcing him to stay inside for so long.

“You notice all of these weird things when you normally wouldn’t,” he said. “And there’s so much time to think about how scary they are.”

It seems that even Schleicher’s pet dog even has had an uncomfortable time staying in the house.

“My dog, a boxer, has been sitting in the bedroom where the mother was murdered and barking at the wall for no reason. It’s not in his nature. In the bathroom, you can feel a coldness come over you, a cold brush of something walking by.”

It certainly sounds like the perfect beginnings of a horror movie to me.

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