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jason voorhees face masks

New Jason Voorhees Face Masks Being Sold By Tom Savini

It isn’t any surprise by now that the Coronavirus pandemic has been a major bummer for just about the entire globe. It’s been at least several months’ worth now of quarantine, social distancing, and people are just now starting to open up society once again. With that said, some are still taking precautionary measures like wearing face masks – and for those of you that are horror fans, these new Jason Voorhees inspired face masks are the perfect accessory.

As you can see below, the Jason Voorhees inspired face masks are designed based on the lower half of Jason’s signature hockey mask. That’s already a cool enough reason for any horror movie fan to want to get their hands on one. But there’s more – these masks are being made by the one and only Tom Savini, the artist behind the special effects in two films from the Friday the 13th franchise: the original 1980 classic and Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter. Of course, Savini is also getting help from effects artist Jason Baker – who has worked on projects such as Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of their Jason Voorhees inspired face masks, there are two options available. One is a normal mask for $60, and the other option is one signed by Tom Savini himself for $100. Although, as noted by Jason Baker, shipping times are a little slow as of right now:

“We’re currently running a skeleton crew for obvious health reasons and taking extra precautions,” Jason Baker explained. “We’re sending out shipments everyday and trying to fill orders as quickly as possible.”

At a time when people are finding themselves wearing face masks more than they might want to, it’s at least nice to know we can have fun with it by supporting one of the horror genre’s most notable slasher icons. Especially when they come straight from Tom Savini himself – definitely very cool.

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